Our Sunny Eggs

From happy go clucky, eco-friendly hens.

Free Range Ethical Eggs are pure joy! Like sunshine wrapped in a shell – they are full of nutritious goodness and laid by our fun flock of sociable hens.

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Our Eggs

Our tasty eggs are a product of content hens who live freely and spend their day exploring, eating, chilling out and sheltering. Without healthy hens, it’s impossible to provide quality eggs.

Free range really means free range. Our hens are encouraged to graze on many acres of farmland – all at their own leisure. It’s no surprise that they lay eggs with plump and sunny yolks, perfect for that weekend omelette or baking adventure.

The Health Benefits

Although inexpensive, there’s nothing humble about the health benefits of free range eggs. A natural source of ‘sunshine vitamin’ D, rich in protein and packed full of nutrients and minerals that promote heart health.

Did you know that eggs are only second to mother’s milk for human nutrition? This means they are the perfect snack for hungry tummies of all ages. 

eggcellent Nutritional Value


Not many foods offer a complete natural source of nutrients like eggs do. They egg-cel! They’re also inexpensive and a real kitchen staple. Win-win.


    It’s no eggs-aggeration that eggs are rich in high-quality protein. Did you know that more than half the protein of an egg is found in the white, which also includes B2 and is lower in fat than the yolk?


    Want to feel stronger? Our bones, teeth, skin and organs all benefit from the ‘repair and growth’ nutrients provided by eggs. Their vitamin D helps you absorb calcium. That’s something to smile about!


    Cracking news! Eggs can make you happy. They contain B-12, folate, protein and healthy fat – all of which are super important nutrients when it comes to boosting brain health.

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