Our Birds

Our hens are the heart of our story.

It’s no secret that birds need a free and open environment to live long, healthy, productive lives. We don’t view our hens as egg vending machines, but living, breathing, sometimes funny, often cheeky, characterful creatures.

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Our philosophy has always been to place the needs of animals and sustainable agriculture as our top priority, without compromise. It goes without saying that we meet BRC, Lion, and RSPCA standards.

Our girls eat like queens. We utilise nutritious and enriched ingredients to make their food and let nothing go to waste. Our lucky chickens get the yummiest, most sustainable feed possible. The Great British Feed Off!

Happy Go Lucky Hens

Our plucky hens are known for being very sociable and having an easy-going nature. They’re natural foragers too and enjoy a good ol’ scavenge.

With plenty of buggy and weedy delicacies to dine on at our farms, our ‘forest girls’ are carefree and meander about grassy areas, snaffling up bugs, scratching through leaves for grubs, and delighting in the bounty of earthworms in the garden. What a life!


From early morning until dusk, our hens are free to explore the fields, and dust bathe in the sunshine.

Starting their day at the crack of dawn, without needing an alarm clock, they head outside. After a good rummage and cluck with their friends, they might lay an egg or have a little rest in their cosy nest. 

Over the day, our girls graze on many acres of healthy grass, and forage in vegetable gardens and woodlands.

Some search through the crumbs of organic barley mash, while the adventurous few peck through hay for any seed heads. They’re real eggs-plorers!

As sunset draws in, they take a perch and tuck themselves in for the night