Corporate Social Responsibility

We’re good eggs. We care about our happy hens, who are the heart of our story, and have made an ethical commitment to the environment.

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A conscious breed

Our fun flock of fine feathered hens is made up of beautiful brown and white birds and both enjoy a sociable free-range lifestyle. Our plucky, white-feathered hens, who we affectionally call our ‘eco-friendly girls’, are instinctively environmentally minded. They are not too demanding and as a result they naturally lower their carbon footprint – just by being themselves.

Even though roam freely from dawn to dusk and can forage across the various textures of our beautiful farm, they are more petite in size and eat less food than their brunette-feathered hen friends. This means they make a smaller impact on our planet in terms of carbon emissions required to produce their feed. Bravo girls!

Our golden-brown birds are certainly not left in the shadows – they enjoy an eggceptional life of freedom, being pampered on our beautiful farm in the English countryside.

It’s a way of thinking

Caring for our flock, and lowering the environmental cost as we do so, is our fundamental principle and everything else falls into place thereafter. In our beautiful pocket of the English countryside, we have ample space for our hens to live as free as a bird. Animal welfare and sustainable agriculture are our way of life and are not compromised.

Our pampered hens live in spacious houses which benefits both them and the planet in equal measures. These homes are great for keeping the birds a little more active when not roaming the great outdoors; it also means that their manure can be easily removed more frequently, which, in turn, means a healthy reduction in greenhouse gases. Speaking of manure, hen muck is just as nourishing for the land as eggs are for humans. We spread our hen’s manure across our land, which displaces the need for chemical fertilisers. Waste not, want not.

Our mission to be less wasteful does not stop there, we have a reduced reliance on the UK’s National Grid, as we use more natural resources at our farm to deliver power – and only when needed. When the sun shines, the hens’ house ventilation system kicks in and we let our solar panels do the hard work and bask in their own glory.

We’re committed to keeping our space as green as possible and endeavour to give back to the land we carefully, and happily, live on. We do this, quite literally, by planting more trees than the industry standard, which is not only great for soil structure and water drainage, but they also act as a carbon sink!

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